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Do you have life insurance to provide protection for you and your loved ones?
Life insurance can be a simple way to give your family a helping hand.

A life assurance policy with Quick Quote Life Limited allows you to make sure your family is protected in the event of critical illness or death. Our advisers are here to provide life insurance advice that helps you choose the life insurance cover that's suited to you and your family's particular needs.

There are many types of life insurance that we can provide to you that may be suitable to your needs, including:

From as little as £5 per month, you can protect your family, home and even yourself - call us today on 0844 8700 425 or visit our Contact Us page to learn more about all the life insurance products available to you.

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As well as providing tailored life insurance quotes from a host of reputable insurance companies, we also provide comprehensive life insurance advice you can trust. We will guide you through every step of the process, making sure you obtain the particular cover you require for your individual needs.

Mortgage protection is designed to pay off your mortgage if you die or if you are diagnosed with a terminal (or critical) illness during the term of your policy, it provides a financial safety net for your loved ones, ensuring they are not left to struggle with the mortgage at such an emotional time.

You can select one of two mortgage protection plans, one of these is a Level term assurance plan designed so that the cover will remain the same throughout the full term of the policy. This will ensure that your mortgage will be paid off in the event of death and possibly create a surplus for loved ones if you have a repayment mortgage. The other option is a Decreasing term assurance designed to repay a typical repayment mortgage in the event of death or diagnosis of a terminal (or critical) illness. This cover simply reduces each year in line with your mortgage. The premiums are generally lower to reflect the reduction in cover as the mortgage is repaid. Ideally you should have sufficient cover for both your mortgage and your family, if you are unsure our advisors are here to help, we only offer the best advice.

Would you be able to support yourself financially if you were unable to work due to suffering a heart attack, stroke or even cancer? Could you maintain your mortgage repayments and other household bills? Could you afford any necessary home adaptions?

To Summarise, Could you live without any money should the worst happen?

Critical Illness cover pays out if you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness e.g. Heart attack, stroke or cancer and will also pay out if you are diagnosed with a total and permanent disability.

It can run alongside a life assurance policy or as a stand-alone product and is really important whether you are single or you have a family to look after. Having the financial security of a Critical Illness Policy means you can take the time required to make a full recovery without the need to rush back to work allowing you to keep on top of your financial commitments. Some insurers will include in your policy, an additional benefit of critical illness cover for your children. Should any of your children fall critically ill, the insurer will make a payment of up to £25,000.(Subject to the terms of your plan)

If you were out of work... would you be able to afford your life insurance premiums?

No need to worry... If you are off work due to an accident or sickness for a period in excess of 26 weeks, your insurer will pay your premiums for you and will continue to do so until you have returned to work, become incapacitated or pass away. This eliminates the worry of becoming uninsured if you can't afford your premiums. (Waiver of Premium is a product you can add on to your life assurance policy).

This is another form of Life insurance, but instead of a lump sum it pays out monthly tax-free amounts from the time you die to the end of the policy. With this type of policy you will be providing a monthly income for your family long after you are gone.

Ensure that Funeral costs are taken care of today...

Whole of life Insurance cover is for the whole of your life. Unlike term insurance, this only pays out if you die during the policy.

Whole of Life insurance always pays out; it is guaranteed that the policy will pay out upon your death.