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Caravan insurance quotes from Quick Quote

We offer caravan insurance quotes that are affordable as well as comprehensive - meaning you and your family can enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that your caravan is covered for every eventuality. Our caravan insurance quotes can vary widely depending on your personal specifications and the level of cover you wish to take out that is suitable for you, your family and your caravan.

There are many different types of caravan used for a variety of different reasons, which is why we can offer a wide range of different caravan insurance quotes. The three main types of caravan insurance that may be applicable to you are:

  • Touring caravan insurance - This includes new for old cover, if your caravan is under an age limit and fulfils certain requirements it may be replaced with a brand new model if an unfortunate circumstance arises, for example if it is stolen or written off in an accident.
  • Static caravan insurance - This type of insurance is applicable to caravans fixed in one location, such as those usually located at holiday parks. This cover includes your caravan being vandalised, damaged by forced entry and contents being stolen.
  • Trailer tent and folding camper insurance - This type of insurance will include new for old cover, European cover if you decide to travel, cover for year-round touring and storage and cover for weather damage to any awnings.

For affordable and comprehensive caravan insurance quotes, Contact us now by calling our specialist team of advisers today on 0844 8700 425.

Caravan insurance quotes to suit your individual needs…

Our caravan insurance quotes cover all types of caravans and all kinds of eventualities. They can also come with optional extras, including cover for:

  • Awnings you may wish to insure as well as your caravan
  • Accidental damages
  • Personal damages
  • Theft of contents

If you wish to add any of the above extras to your caravan insurance quotes, please ask our advisor when you call us on 0844 8700 425.

How we can offer affordable caravan insurance quotes…

At Quick Quote we have simple steps that can help you to lower your insurance premiums by improving the security of your caravan. For example, you could fit a Thatcham-approved alarm or tracker device, use mechanical devices such as wheel clamps and hitch locks and fit security tags and use corner steady locks to lock down the rear corner of touring caravans.

Be sure to advise us of any security systems you have in place on your caravan to allow us to reduce your insurance premium as much as possible.